Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why I hate ebay!

I hate to lose. I am a competitive person and I have found that I can no longer allow myself to shop on eBay. I get very, very upset. One part of me knows that items will be back and that deals will come and go. But each one for me is the last. I will never see it again. Every role-playing item that slips from my fingers wounds me and I hate it.

I am not someone who bargains well because I don't want to have my pride force me to walk away from an item I want. Maybe that makes me a sucker? My last loss hurt the most; I lost a full collection of 15 1e books in great condition. Money was tight that week.

Now, I will get stuff for the “Buy now” price and avoid the pain. Have you had similar experiences? GAME ON!

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