Friday, September 19, 2008

Let me tell you about my birthday and the S.A.V.D.S +4

The night before my birthday I asked my girlfriend if she would play D&D with me. Surprisingly, she said ok as a B-day present to me she would play (She had sat in on my regular Sunday game earlier that week so she understood what was to transpire) but only if she could play a Half-Elf Ranger/Druid with a wolf animal companion. I hadn't realized her knowledge of the game had expanded that far.

Excited and realizing that I didn't have a DM’s Screen I set myself to cutting up a cardboard box. (Note to self, cutting stuff after a few glasses of wine is not the best of ideas.) After completing the cutting, with no injuries to my person I might add, my girlfriend asked if I was going to put anything on it. Now, I know and she knows I cannot draw, my people are sticks and my cows look like dogs and dogs like cows, etc.

In my wine addled brain I decide to collage it. I take pages of pdfs’ that I have printed out and begin to tape them to the cardboard. As I drank another glass of wine, I decided I need a base coat of pages to begin with, like when your painting something. So, with my handy packing tape dispenser in hand I start spackling on pages. My Girlfriend, at this point walks into the kitchen, (normally her territory) where I have commandeered the island for my “Super Awesome Vorpal DMing Screen +4”, and asks me “What are you doing?” I reply simply “Collaging my S.A.V.D.S. +4” She looks on perplexed. “Have you ever collaged anything before?” she asks. “Sure” I reply, thinking that time in third grade should count. She set down her wineglass, smiled that smile (the one that says “You would be hopeless without me.”) and asks “Why don’t you let me do this” I look to the scissors “O.K.”

She sent me away for more pages, pictures and another pair of scissors. From the Abyss (the room in our small house where we store everything) I hear the sound of paper ripping as she tries to undo the mess I made. I grab a large stack of paper and hurry to help her. She busts me down to cutter duty, where I cut out pictures for her and she then decides the placement. The color scheme is black and white and she decides she wants a darker tone to the screen. I start cutting.

I sometimes forget how handy she is at crafts and things. She is the one in the relationship who owns power tools. I have an all in one tool kit that I bought where everything has the same colored handles and its own carrying case. We spend the next couple hours collaging, well really she spends it collaging, and I just cut stuff.

At this point I would like to thank my girlfriend for her assistance, understanding and willingness to participate in my hobby. Below are some more pictures of our handiwork. Enjoy and GAME ON!

p.s. my girlfriend did play D&D with me on my birthday and I think she had fun...

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