Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Turn Behind the Screen, Part II

How did my Sunday game go? It went well, everyone showed up early to finish up character creation and this is our line-up:

J is a War Mage with a fiendish ancestry,
JB is a classic Elven Archer,
W is a Dragon Shaman with a fetish for bronze,
M is a Favored Soul and a fiery eyed prophet of a new god,
B is a Druid/Rogue who is more Rogue then Druid but loves her faithful wolf companion.

Yes, I know I didn’t really stick to my restriction of the PHBII but all the players are happy and seemed to get along well. Did I tell you that my Non-Gaming Girlfriend is playing (insert maniacal laugh). I have gotten her addicted to Travian and now she is playing D&D. To encourage her I bought her a PHB, dice and some female rogue minis. Her character the Druid/Rogue has the bad habit of getting the killing shot on enemies. So much so I started showing one player the HP left on the creature before she attacked it. I didn’t want the other players to think I was catering to her. I guess it is the rogue’s job to sneak around and get that backstab in. I will have to call her my Gaming Girlfriend from now on ;)

I am running a Forgotten Realms Module for 3rd Level Characters and it has shotgun combat feel (a lot of combats one after the other). One of my favorite things is that the learning curve for players, when starting their character at low levels, is a lot faster. In my opinion the higher the starting level the longer it takes for a player to be comfortable with all their characters skills and abilities, i.e. which spells/attacks work best, who needs to be in front and who does what skill in the party. So, just after an hour into the adventure the group was working well together and had started working out some basic tactics. When we decided to stop for the night (total game time was 3 hours) the group felt confident and excited for the next session.

Now we just have to see if their characters can get along. All-in-all they seem to like it and I am having a great time. GAME ON!

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